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Our Focus Building Legacy

We believe mobilising the knowledge, skills and resources play a pivotal role in the economic empowerment and job creation of young people in Ghana

Our Vision

Young people uniting to drive positive change in Ghana, through innovation & collaboration

Our Mission

To create platforms for young people to connect, share skills and knowledge to impact Ghana’s development


FOG Pillars​


We engage with and ensure young peoples voice influences decision makers who are developing, amending and implementing policy


We recognise, celebrate and support annual cohorts of Ghana’s most promising, high performing global Top 30 Under 30 talent


We provide platforms that connects, empowers and enables people, to access credible information, advice and opportunities


We deliver projects focused on entrepreneurship and job creation to empower economically marginalised young people and communities in Ghana


We connect people who do not reside in Ghana with opportunities to collaborate with Ghanaians at home

Executive Leadership Team

Five Year Report


The report outlines the work and impact we have made to date with a specific focus on activities which took place between 2015-2020.

Within the report you will see key milestones and the significant impact we have made for young Ghanaians at home and abroad to connect, share skills and knowledge to impact Ghana’s development.

Every once in a while it’s important to look back and see just how far you’ve come in your mission and for us, this is what five years of of advocacy, community engagement, volunteerism and creating an alumni ecosystem looks like.

Have a read and find out who we are, what we stand for, what we have done, where we are going and so much more…

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    Building a Better Future

    Help us continue to develop job creation opportunities in Ghana and the UK, by donating to our charity

    You can make a direct payment from your bank account to ours. You can go to the bank in person to donate or you can set up on online transfer. Please email us at and we can then provide you with a reference number and details to use for a bank transfer or BACS payment. We can also take your details so that we can send you an acknowledgement letter.

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