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Advocacy Pillar

We engage with and provide a voice for young people within our community and beyond. 
We take intentional steps to ensure their voice helps to influence decision makers in developing, amending and implementing policies in Ghana and our countries of operation.

Below are examples of some key pieces of advocacy work we have coordinated to date, to ensure the voice of the young people we engage with is heard at the table of decision makers to help shape policy in the EU and Ghana.

Impact and Recommendations from the MADE West Africa Programme:

2020 was the year life shifted and a supposed “new normal” came upon the world as a result of Covid-19. It was during this period that we really reflected on our purpose, function, impact and direction.

As a result, we managed to collate our and produce the following report that provides a more in-depth overview of our work and impact to date with specific focus on activities which took place between 2015 and 2020, with the view of uniting young people globally to drive positive change in Ghana.

Have a read and find out who we are, what we stand for, what we have done, where we are going and so much more…

Impact and Recommendations from the MADE West Africa Programme:

We co-authored the “Impact and Recommendations from the MADE West Africa Programme: Emerging Themes in Migration and Development in an Era of COVID-19″ report and our CEO presented this report during a roundtable meeting in Brussels.

This report highlights lessons learned from the MADE West Africa project, which can be applied to migration and development during and post- COVID-19.

Our inputs focused on and was successful in amplifying the voice, perspectives and contributions of young people to ensure their voice as key stakeholders was included.

Second Generation British Ghanaians and Home: Identity, Engagement and Remittances Report

Over a nine month period, a team lead by Pearl Boateng conducted an in-depth research study to  help us really understand and unearth the views and actions of second generation British Ghanaians in relation to Remittances

The report was launched in March 2018 at Regents University which brought together over 350 second-generation Ghanaians living in the UK to discuss, create and provide practical ways in which to enhance our connection with Ghana. 

On the night, attendees networked with likeminded Ghanaians and diasporans whilst hearing from an esteemed group of speakers and our Head of Research who shared key highlights/findings which we uncovered from our research report.

people engaged with our research report through Surveys, Focus Groups and Semi-Structured Interviews...
Future of Ghana's Youth - Policy Brief

Prior to the formal inception of Future of Ghana as a charity, the founding seeds were laid through an annual volunteering project which took place in Ghana during the Christmas holiday period.

Coordinated by a group of likeminded young people – lead by our Founder Arnold – the project named W.A.M (What About Me) Campaign took place between 2010-2014. During this period, the project was evaluated and directly facilitated over 1,100 hours of volunteering in Ghana since 2011, with over 78 participants from 7 different countries.

Unbeknown, these seeds provided invaluable lessons in relation to youth & Diaspora mobilisation and migration. The results from evaluations were reviewed, analysed and led to the drafting of the following youth policy brief

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