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Communities Pillar

We provide platforms that connect and empower second and third generation UK-based Ghanaian communities through access to credible information, advice and opportunities.

Below are examples of some key pieces of work we have coordinated supporting the next generation in the UK.

FOG Forums Events

Bi-annually, we host forums connecting like-minded young people and adults who have an interest in understanding and contributing to Ghana’s development.

Attendees hear from carefully selected key-note speakers and panellists who share insights, information, opportunities and experiences based on our themes and topical questions.

The forums provide a tangible/digital platform for likeminded people to connect, remain informed and build their peer networks.

people have attended our community forums held in the UK & Ghana between 2015-2020
Next Generation Leadership Programme

The Next Generation Leadership Programme (NGLP) is an alternative educational programme designed to inspire, motivate and broaden the mindset of young people aged 11 to 18. The programme is designed to expose young people to practical potential pathways for their future careers whilst equipping them with transferable skills to help them advance within a competitive society, improving their academic engagement and achievement.

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