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Future of Ghana: #Responsibility

27th March 2015. I genuinely believe that this day will be viewed as a landmark date in the history of the Ghanaian Diaspora. It saw the official release of the Future of Ghana; Top 30 Under 30 Publication. A publication acknowledging the academic, professional and personal achievements of young people of Ghanaian ancestry.


Being held at the Ghanaian High Commission in Highgate, the team at The Future of Ghana managed to amass many influential movers and shakers among the Ghanaian and wider African Diaspora.

One couldn’t help but feel inspired by the wealth of intellectual capital present in the building that evening. We saw individuals across the whole professional spectrum that evidenced that perhaps this is the generation of young people that will initiate the push toward making Ghana a first world self sustaining country.

Whilst we were enjoying the achievements of our peers, we were reminded throughout the course of the evening of our responsibility. As diasporans we have a responsibility to lend our skills and expertise towards the development of our mother country and the African continent as a whole. The announcement of the Me Firi Ghana networking platform is testament to the fact the team is taking their responsibility seriously! Providing a vehicle for the wealth of talent among the Diaspora to share and discuss ideas is something that can propel Ghana to new heights!

A special mention must go out to Mr James Banor. The legendary photographer who is only really receiving the acclaim he deserves in his later life. The audience heard how Mr Banor was present with Kwame Nkrumah and other Ghanaian independence leaders on that fateful day in March 1957. He also showed us pictures of the great Muhammad Ali amongst many other 20th century icons. Mr Banor showed that not only has he laid the foundation for us to continue Ghana’s development, he too will continue to be responsible for the Future of Ghana.IMG_9607

I must confess; when I sat down to write this piece, I didn’t give myself clear direction. I suppose I just wanted to relay my excitement for what the team at MFG have just accomplished! I’m sure that you all are excited as me for what the Future of Ghana holds!

No better way to wrap up this fairly erratic but impassioned piece of writing with a quote that perfectly sums up my emotions after the other night; from Ghana’s first president Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah: “Forward ever, Backwards never!”

Malachi Butt-Muteke (@MallyMukete)

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