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Livelihoods Pillar

In collaboration with Ghana-based partners, we deliver projects focused on entrepreneurship and job creation to empower economically marginalised young people and communities in Ghana.

Below are examples of some key pieces of work we have coordinated in Ghana.

Job Creation Workshop & Forum

Following the findings derived from our 2018 Second Generation British Ghanaian Remittance report, we successfully obtained an EU Grant to coordinate a workshop & forum focused on job creation. The objective aimed to explore how skilled second generation young people living abroad can work with and support the growth of Start-up’s and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) in Ghana. 

The forum also aimed to develop a framework for implementation, connecting Start-Up’s & SME’s based in Ghana with skilled Ghanaian professionals living abroad through group breakout design thinking 

To compare and provide greater understand, during the forum, we presented the findings from our 2018 report findings highlighting how skilled Ghanaian professionals living abroad would like to contribute to the growth of Start-Up’s & SME’s based in Ghana through volunteering & working (in country or remotely).

Capacity Building Training Workshops

FOG’s Creative Director and creative industry expert Samuel Mensah-Bonsu, led a training forum/workshop sharing  his journey, tools and tips one can use to navigate the industry and establishing their personal brand. 

The forum also aimed to understand how and develop a framework for implementation, connecting Creatives in Ghana with Creatives living abroad, this was executed using a design thinking approach.

In 2019, we coordinated an Events Management Training session led by a global events management specialist and Founder of The Zoo Events Management Company Nadu Placca. The training workshop provided an introduction into the world of event management and attendees were provided with physical and digital practical tools/guides of best practices to work by when producing events. 
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