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What does it mean to be the ‘future’?

Youths is a plural word, which in our world, sometimes stands as the opposite of ‘elders’, and describes the younger people in society. Though, I believe there is no age limit for someone to pursue their purpose and goals, the younger people in society and the young adults are naturally the ones attached and identified with  ’visions’, ‘the future’, and ‘change’.

However, as I lay down on my bed, I found myself wondering: “What does it actually mean to be a youth?”  It was as if – in one instance-, my mind became a reflection of the many youths, around the world, who despite being told how influential they are, and the multiple things they could achieve with education- deep down, had no idea as to what it means to be called ‘the future’, and what powers they actually possess. This, then sadly becomes an accurate representation of the sentence: Looking in the mirror, and then immediately forgetting what you look like.

The world may hint at how powerful you could be, but as youths and future leaders [because you are] if you don’t know your reign; your identity, you simply won’t be able to use the powers that you have or make use of the full privileges that your status is entitled to.

And with you not knowing who you are, your gifts, and your uniqueness, it will lead you into not doing anything to impact on your society positively.

But still, to bring change and make the world a better place to live in, it is never enough for a youth to know their identity. It is a group effort, and it is especially difficult for the youths, when their worth as future leaders is not always understood or tolerated by those who are already in position of leadership. It is a very sad place to be in.

It is a problem, especially with any sort of leadership that strives to bring about evolution, change and progress, and tries to do so, without those who really have the eagerness, the capability, and the strength to bring on that change.

The late minister Myles Munroe once said in a conference a few months before he passed: ” You become great by reproducing people greater than yourself”. That’s what true legacy is about.

Most importantly, as a 20 year old, I believe that every little effort to bring about change is meaningless and will amount to nothing if as youths we don’t know who we are and the power within us. If the future leaders don’t know that they are the ‘future leaders’, how are they supposed to be given the baton?  furthermore how are they supposed to be given the baton- if they don’t even know how to run with it- or even hold it?

It’s time to wake up!

 Myriam Osei (@AngelPeaceJoy)


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