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What We Do

WHAT WE DO – FOG Pillars:

As an organisation, we focus on fulfilling our mission by operating and delivering a service through our five Future of Ghana Pillars, Volunteering, Livelihoods, Community, Advocacy and Alumni as detailed below:



We connect Ghanaians abroad with opportunities to collaborate with Ghanaians at home. We do this in two ways, facilitating short-term community-based volunteering and via skilled volunteering; matching Ghanaian professionals with specific needs, industries and organisations in Ghana


In collaboration with Ghana-based partners, we deliver projects focused on entrepreneurship and job creation to empower economically marginalised young people and communities in Ghana


We provide platforms that connect and empower the second & third generation UK based Ghanaian community to access credible information, advice and opportunities


We engage with and provide a voice for young people within our community and beyond, so we can take intentional steps to ensure their voice helps influence decision makers in developing, amending and implementing policies in Ghana
and our countries of operation


We recognise and celebrate annual cohorts of Ghana’s most promising, high performing global Top 30 Under 30 talent. We provide capacity building support for Alumni and connect them through digital platforms, events and projects

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